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As though he looks like a nerd. He is a very unstable guy who can and will rip your throat out if you get him going...

Jordan DrayerEdit

Jordan Drayer is one of the top main characters. Also the leader of the pre-Scratch group for the kids. He is highly insane and unstable, yet everyone ignores that because of his appearance. Yet there is his moments when he scares the crap out of people.

His chumhandle is tyannialDarkness, and has a weird text style that ends up confusing the shit out of people in the end.

Personality Edit

His personality tends to waver. With minor brain damage turned into major from a accident of him blowing up the Land of Windows and Thought. He has been majorly injured. He only focuses on Holley Avery , his girlfriend, because he can't tend to focus on much else. 


Holley Avery

Curtis Halls

Matthew Payne

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